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Quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers will most likely come back, was this smart?

Aaron Rodgers did not have a bad season, with 4,002 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. Being 13-3 you would think, this team isn't bad. But, their schedule was easy. Out of the teams they beat, they only beat two teams that had more wins than losses. They beat the Vikings twice and they beat the Chiefs (without Patrick Mahomes). But there is no doubt that the team is decent and does have the potential to come back to that NFC Championship game. But will it be with Aaron Rodgers? The Green Bay Packers have gotten all they will get from Rodgers. So maybe they should look for a potential quarterback in the free agency and the draft. They need to draft a quarterback who will be on the bench and be a mentor for the possible Aaron Rodgers successor.


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