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Quarterbacks: Time to find a replacement for Tom Brady

There is no doubt, Tom Brady is old. The Patriots need to move on if they are to keep their dynasty alive. Tom Brady's contract extends to 2021 so what do they do? Tom Brady is set to make $30M and $32M in the last two years of his contract. Is it worth it? The Patriots need a quarterback on the bench that can learn from Tom Brady. Currently, they don't have that. Here are two Quarterbacks that would be a smart investment for the patriots

Kyle Allen - Panthers: I don't see the Panthers moving on from Cam Newton. Even is Kyle Allen is more consistent than Cam Newton, at least Allen was there. Allen played 13 games. threw for 3,322 yards and 17 touchdowns. Allen led the Panthers to a 5 game winning streak but, because of the absolutely atrocious Panthers defense, the Panthers never won a game after their 5-2 record. Kyle Allen (23) has a lot to learn and who better to learn from that the 6 time Superbowl winner? If the Patriots receiving core improves, I don't why Allen wouldn't be a good fit

Teddy Bridgewater - Saints: Bridgewater was undefeated in his five full starts while subbing in for Brees. In 133 completions, he had 1,384 passing yards and nine touchdowns this season. Bridgewater in his fifth year of the NFL he has so much potential to be a starting quarterback that brings his team to successful playoff appearances. He could be the quarterback the Patriots need to replace brady.


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